About DTS

J&R De La Rosa Welding has now changed to D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. The original company was founded in 2004. The company is owned by John De La Rosa and Roselinda De La Rosa. Currently, D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. is submitting paperwork to qualify as a M.B.E. ā€“ D.B.E. for both the State of California and Federal Construction. Our focus is to provide the Prime Contractor (s) W.P.S. employees with P.Q.R. testing.

Our manpower is either OSHA trained or MSHA Certified. To date, our MOD rate is less than .85. Our General Liability Insurance meets the standard in the industry and can be adjusted to meet jobsite specifics. We can supply Welders, Mechanics, Pipe Fitters and Laborers for your project.

Included are the type of welding D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. performs.

  • Structural Welding: This includes ā€œIā€ Beam, Tube Steel, Truss (metal), Joists (metal), Purlin (metal), Torque Anchor Bolts (as per A.S.T.M. jobsite and or project conditions), erection, equipment, material procurement and if needed, assist in the Design Build process.
  • Pipe Welding and Fabrication: D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. performs pipe welding on Carbon, Stainless Steel and Refrigerator Piping. To include torque of all bolts as per A.S.T.M. As with the welding crew, D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. has our own fit up crew. Both entities work cohesively and have leaders that communicate between each other for pipe fit up or in certain cases, any issues that arise.
  • Metal Tank Installation: D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. specializes in seam welding the structural members associated with metal tank fabrication. We work from a design and or concept and can either procure the material or submit a Time, Equipment and Consumables for any size project.
  • Metal Building Installation: Our best asset to your firm is that we have worked on both Design Build Metal Buildings and projects that are designed by others. We believe in partnering with the Prime Contractor or Plant prior to the installation from review of the plans, lay out, erection and final installation. All welds, bolt installation and sheeting of the metal building is in strict accordance of the plans, A.S.M.E., and A.S.T.M. We can include testing and or inspections in our S.O.W. should the Prime Contractor have the need.