The following is a descriptions of some of our most recent projects:

Evaporator Tower – Rio Tinto Minerals Mine Boron, CA
Pipe Welding both Carbon and Stainless Steel. Structural Steel Welding for Pipe Supports. The project includes over 6,000 linear feet of big bore and small bore piping with over 450 big bore and small bore gate valves. D.T.S. & Fabrication, Inc. is on contract with the prime contractor as Time & Consumables. Material and testing by others. The owner is Rio Tinto Minerals – Boron, CA. Project is ongoing.

Bolt House Farms – Bakersfield, CA
Pipe Welding and Fabrication – Refrigeration (small bore) piping. Weld the pipe supports to the floor. Weld all the cross bracing for the pipe supports. Weld and set the Control Groups.

U.S.C.S. – Utah (Syracuse)
Welding Stainless (316L) and Carbon Piping. This project requires “purging” of the stainless steel. Medium to small bore piping. Fabricate and install (weld) pipe supports to both roof and floor.